Zodiac Collection

Candles, Iced Coffee Glasses and more included in the Bundle. A way to show off your zodiac sign while also benefiting from the essential oils in the candles.

  • Aries

    March 21 - April 19

    A beautifully refreshing and uplifting blend reflective of the dynamic, energetic and adventurous nature of the Aries spirit. Combining Sweet Orange, Spearmint, Lavender, Marjoram, Rosemary and Cypress this blend is beneficial for clearing, uplifting and stimulating the mind.

  • Taurus

    April 20 - May 20

    A comforting and balancing blend reminiscent of the warm-hearted, loyal and patient nature of Taureans. Combining Lemon, Sweet Fennel, Pink Grapefruit, Patchouli, Australian Sandalwood and Rose this blend is warm and nurturing with immune stimulating properties.

  • Gemini

    May 21 - June 20

    A sunny and inspiring blend reflective of the communicative, lively and adaptable nature of the Gemini spirit. Combining Bergamot, May Chang, Geranium, Sweet Orange, Basil and Cedarwood this blend is invigorating, cleansing and may help clear the mind.

  • Cancer

    June 21 - July 22

    A beautiful enveloping and balancing blend appealing to the loving, intuitive and caring nature of the Cancer souls. Combining Lemon, Pink Grapefruit, Rosewood, Clary Sage, Ylang Ylang, Roman Chamomile and Neroli this blend promotes relaxation, may help when you are feeling overwhelmed by harmonizing and uplifting feelings.

  • Leo

    July 23 - August 22

    A bold, warming and exotic blend reflective of the generous, warmhearted and broad-minded nature of Leo spirits. Combining Lemon, Frankincense, Cedarwood, Cinnamon, Ginger, Jasmine and Rose this blend is calming, comforting with immune enhancing properties.

  • Virgo

    August 23 - September 22

    A fresh, sharp yet soothing blend reflective of the practical, diligent and hard-working nature of Virgo souls. Combining Lemon, Sweet Orange, Olibanum, Peppermint, Lavender, Rosemary, Black Pepper & Ginger this blend is invigorating, energising, cleansing and may help with respiratory concerns.

  • Libra

    September 23 - October 22

    A soft, balancing and warming blend reflective of the easygoing, charming and diplomatic nature of Libra spirits. Combining Sweet Orange, Bergamot, Frankincense, Palmarosa and Cardamom this blend has antibacterial properties, encourages good communication and is balancing yet uplifting.

  • Scorpio

    October 23 - November 21

    A sweet, rich and complex floral blend calling the passionate, magnetic and intuitive nature of Scorpio souls. Combining Sweet Orange, Fennel, Geranium, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, Jasmine and Australian Sandalwood this blend is balancing, warming and harmonising to the mind, body and soul.

  • Sagittarius

    November 22 - December 21

    A revitalizing and fortifying blend reflective of the optimistic, freedom-loving and intellectual nature of Sagittarius souls. Combining Pink Grapefruit, Sweet Orange, Eucalyptus, Kunzea, Cypress and Rosemary this blend is energising, uplifting, and may help with clarity & focus.

  • Capricorn

    December 22 - January 19

    A grounding yet elevating blend representative of the practical, ambitious and earth loving nature of Capricorn spirits. Combining Lemon, Bergamot, Lime, Geranium, Cedarwood, Vetiver and Roman Chamomile this blend is warming, grounding and balancing.

  • Aquarius

    January 20 - February 18

    A beautiful sweet, bright and refreshing blend reflective of the friendly, inventive and honest nature of Aquarians. Combining Sweet Orange, Bergamot, Frankincense, Rose, Clary Sage & Jasmin this blend is beneficial for balancing, nurturing, and uplifting to the mind + spirit.

  • Pisces

    February 19 - March 20

    A soft, sweet and calming blend reflective of the sensitive, compassionate and intuitive nature of Pisces souls. Combining Sweet Orange, Mandarin, Elemis, Amyris, Clary Sage, Rose, Neroli & Sandalwood this blend is beneficial for mood balancing & harmonising, grounding, calming and nurturing mind, body and soul.